• Golden Horse Ceramics, an international professional tile supplier, purpose to creat a heathly living environment aroubd the world. Our design concect is from Europe and is a perfest combination of antique Europe ancient culture and the Chinese tradition. It is an excellent match of orient and occident culture. We are creative, dedicated and devoted to everything that we make and choose. You will find it in our products and designs.We have our own belief and pursuit.It is this pursuit that brings us together to dedicate ourselves.

  • We believe that good quality products only come from fine raw material and this is why we have very strict souring criteria for our raw materials. Good products also rely on factory management. We are dedicated even to one single piece of tile. We understand that products-in-China are always regarded as low quality ones as a lot of Chinese manufacturers ignore quality control,and they fail to build up brand images in the international markets.

  • We have untroduced advance technology and management for strict quality control. Evry of our production step is in strict compliance with ISO9002:2000 standard. Our products are made of the best raw materials,under quality control,and with classical and perfect designs and excellent techniques. We have manufacturing bases in Nanzhuang Industrial Zone,Foshan. Our market share is steadily increasing. We have set up good relationships with more than 1600 regular partners from more than 100 countries and redions coving the Middle East,Africa,Southeat Asia and the USA.We insist to the faith which is “Offering the best quality and best service”


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